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Yuasa Cyclic Battery NPC17-12 - NPC 17Ah 12V Rechargeable

£39.38 (inc VAT) £32.82 (ex VAT)

— Sorry, this product is not currently available —

Technical Details

Yuasa Cyclic Battery NPC17-12 - NPC 17Ah 12V Rechargeable

PLEASE NOTE: The Yuasa NPC17-12 is obsolete and has been replaced with TEV12180. The TEV12180 is a 18Ah 12V valve regulated lead acid battery with the same dimensions and characteristics as the NPC17-12.  Please see related products below for replacement battery.
Yuasa Cyclic Battery NPC17-12 Features:
  • Valve regulated lead acid battery
  • Low maintenance
  • 500 charge/discharge cycles (or twice as many cycles as conventional cycle at 75% depth of discharge)
  • Minimal self-discharge (only 0.1% a day at 20°C)
  • Extended storage period
  • Suitable for deep discharge use
  • Dimensions: L: 181 x W: 76 x H: 167mm
  • Weight: 6.2kg (TEV12180: 6.7kg)

Cyclic Applications:

  • Golf trolley
  • Wheelchairs
  • Lights
  • Lawn mowers
  • Toy cars
  • Magnetic lifts
  • Photovoltaics
  • Robots
  • Sprayers
  • Communications
  • Pumps
  • Electric tools
  • AGV (Automatic guided vehicle)
  • Measuring instruments

Cyclic Battery Operation Temperature Range:

  • Charge:        - 15°C to +50°C
  • Discharge:    - 15°C to +50°C
  • Storage:       - 20°C to +50°C (fully charged battery)

Recommended Charging Method:

  • Current:        Max. 0.25CA
  • Voltage:        2.4 - 2.5VPC

Yuasa are world leaders in battery design and manufacture. They use their 80 years experience in the lead acid battery field to develop and produce the enhanced design of Cyclic Batteries. The Yuasa NPC17-12 Cyclic Battery is a valve regulated lead acid battery, ideal for cyclic applications with many charge/discharge cycles as requested by golf trolleys and wheelchairs.

The special construction incorporates heavy-duty plates and a unique separator system which ensures that the Yuasa NPC17-12 Cyclic Battery service is twice as long as those of conventional batteries.

Yuasa NPC17-12 Data Sheet


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