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Notifier Fire Alarm System Equipment

Notifier Fire Systems

Notifier Fire Alarm Systems are a Honeywell company

They are one of the largest manufacturers of fire safety equipment in the world.  A comprehensive fire alarm system for any sized building cn be achieved using Notifier Fire Alarm System equipment.

Conventional Notifier Fire Alarm System Equipment

The latest Notifier conventional fire alarm system is the NFS2-8 range of control panels.  These Notifier conventional panels are available in 2 zone, 4 zone and 8 zone sizes.  To compliment the range of panels, there is also a full range of detectors, sounders and call points.  The latest Notifier Fire Alarm System conventional detector range is called the 800 series.  This range of detectors includes optical smoke detectors, fixed temperature and rate of rise heat detectors and multi sensors.  We also have a conventional sounder range which are ideal for use with the conventional notifier fire alarm system panels.

Analogue Addressable Notifier Fire Alarm System Equipment

The Analogue Addressable Notifier Fire Alarm System equipment can be used to create systems for even the largest buildings.  Notifier have fire alarm systems installed in prestigious sites such as Fort Knox, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh Castle and RAF Strike Command.  The latest Analogue Addressable Notifier Fire Alarm System Panels are the ID range of panels, including the ID50, ID60, ID2000 & ID3000 panels. 

The Notifier ID50 & ID60 panels are fixed single loop fire alarm control panels which are ideal for small to medium sized buildings.  These panels can accomodate detectors, call points, sounders, beacons and interfaces all on the same single loop circuit.  These panels also have the feature of a conventional sounder circuit if required and fire and fault relay outputs.

The Notifier ID2000 & ID3000 panels are available in several loop sizes with the largest panel size being able to accomodate 8 analogue addressable loop circuits.  If larger systems are required Notifier analogue addressable panels can also be networked together to create huge systems.  As with the smaller analogue addressable systems the ID2000 & ID3000 systems have a full range of loop powered equipment including detectors, call points, sounders, beacons and interfaces.  Notifier Fire Alarm Systems have a modular approach to creating systems, if you require a bespoke large system, please contact us on 01200 428 410.

Wireless Notifier Fire Alarm Systems

Using the loop powered wireless translator module and the Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm Equipment range, a wireless fire alarm system based on radio communication equipment can be created.  This is ideal for buildings where a hard wired system is not feasible.  Examples of this could be in listed buildings, temporary systems, building sites.  Another advantage of Notifier's approach to wireless fire alarm system equipment is that certain areas can still be hard wired on a loop circuit and only certain areas can utilise the wireless equipment.

Notifier Fire Alarm System Commissioning

The Safety Centre can also offer a Notifier Fire Alarm System commissioning service.  Fore more information on this service please contact us on 01200 428 410 or email us on

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