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Apollo Fire Alarm System Equipment

The Apollo Fire Alarm equipment range from The Safety Centre is ideal for use within many commercial and industrial buildings within the UK.  This Apollo Fire equipment is suitable for use on BS5839 compliant fire alarm systems. For more information on the Apollo Fire range call us NOW on 01200 428 410.

Apollo Fire Equipment

The Safety Centre stock a range of Apollo Fire Alarm System Equipment

We have a range of high quality, premium performance fire system units manufactured in the UK.  Apollo are a long established UK based manufacturer.  They have been producing fire alarm units since 1980 and are based in Havant on the South Coast of England.  The company have recently been awarded the Royal Warrant as official suppliers of fire safety equipment to the Royal Household. 

Apollo have a strong export arm to their operation with their equipment being distributed over 5 continents.  They also have offices in America, China, Germany and Ireland.  Their are several prestigious sites and buildings throughout the world which are currently being protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Apollo equipment.  Examples of some of these sites are as follows:-

  • The Statue of Liberty, New York City, United States of America
  • The Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom
  • The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

The Apollo Fire Alarm System Equipment range consists of both Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm equipment and Conventional Fire Alarm Equipment.

Apollo Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Equipment

Apollo manufacture Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm equipment to be used with several of the largest fire alarm panel manufacturers around the world, using specific Apollo Analogue Addressable protocols.  The two main analogue addressable brands produced by Apollo are the Apollo XP95 and the Apollo Discovery range of equipment.  These two ranges of devices are designed for use with several panel manufacturers including the following:-

  • Morley IAS
  • Advanced
  • C-Tec XFP
  • Kentec

Apollo XP95 Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System Range

The Apollo XP95 Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System range is a well established collection of equipment.  It features a full compliment of detectors including optical and ionisation smoke detectors, fixed and rate of rise heat detectors.  Call Points are also catered for with a selection of flush and surface units, and also waterproof variants ideal for external use.  There are also XP95 Sounder, Beacons and Combined Sounder Beacons available.  All of which are loop powered and use the Apollo XP95 protocol.

Apollo Discovery Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System Equipment Range

The Apollo Discovery range of Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System Equipment is a selection of high specification analogue addressable fire detectors.  The Discovery range is designed to meet specifications for detectors incorporated into highly sophisticated fire alarm systems.  The range provides engineers with an additional dimension in fire protection capability.

The communication protocol which the Apollo Discovery range uses is a development of the highly successful tried and tested Apollo XP95 protocol.  This makes the Apollo Discovery & Apollo XP95 ranges compatible with each other.

Apollo Conventional / Non-Addressable Fire Alarm System Equipment

Apollo manufacture two ranges of conventional type fire alarm system equipment.  Their conventional range of equipment is more cost effective than the analogue addressable ranges and is suitable for smaller systems where the system does not need to be as sophisticated as an Analogue Addressable system.  The two ranges of Apollo Conventional Equipment are the Apollo Series 65 and the Apollo Orbis range.  Both these ranges features a wide variety of detectors to suit most detection requirements and a range of complimentary bases for the detectors.

Apollo Series 65 Fire Alarm Detectors

The Apollo Series 65 replaced the popular Apollo Series 60 range of detectors.  The Series 65 range is a well proven stable detection platform.  The detectors have an operating voltage of 9 to 33V dc.  This means that Apollo Series 65 detectors can also be incorporated into security systems when used with a relay base.  The range features a variety of detectors including optical and ionisation smoke detectors, fixed and rate of rise heat detectors and also UV flame detectors.  There is also a wide range of bases to compliment the detectors with diode, relay and sounder bases all available.

Apollo Orbis Fire Alarm Detectors

The Apollo Orbis Conventional / Non-addressable range of detectors are a welcome addition to Apollo's product portfolio.  These detectors feature sophisticated technology which was previousyl only found in Apollo's intelligent detectors.  The Orbis range features a contemporary styling which will look extremely attractive on any building ceiling.  The Apollo Orbis range also features a unique timesaver base which is designed to increase installation time and ease.

Two Wire Fire Alarm System Equipment

In recent years a new type of fire alarm system has emerged onto the market.  These systems are known as two wire fire alarm system.  These systems are designed to be used in small to medium sized sites.  They allow the installation of both detectors, call points and sounders on the same radial zone circuit.  This is a feature that was only previously available on Analogue Addressable System Loop Circuits.  The main advantage of being able to use the same zone circuit for detectors and sounders is that installation time and cost is dramatically reduced.

Apollo Alarmsense Two Wire Fire Alarm System Equipment

The Apollo version of Two Wire Fire Alarm System equipment is known as their Alarmsense range.  This equipment is ideal to be installed on Alarmsense compatible control panels, such as the C-Tec two wire CFP panel range.  The range features several detector types, call points and a full variety of sounder, beacons, combined sounder beacons and interfaces.

Apollo Fire Alarm System Commissioning

The Safety Centre also offer a commissioning service on Apollo Fire Alarm System equipment.  Please contact us on 01200 428 410 for more details or email us on

If you're interested in our Apollo Fire range you may also be interested in our Fire Alarm Panels and Wireless Fire Alarms ranges.

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