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Evacuator Temporary Fire Alarm Systems

The Evacuator range of equipment is specifically designed systems for use as temporary fire alarm systems ideal for use on building sites, marques or for festivals.  This range of equipment includes the Sitemaster, Defender and Tough Guard systems which are all suitable for these applications.  For more information on Evacuator Temporary Fire Alarms call us NOW on 01200 428 410 or use our Livechat facility below.

Evacuator Sitemaster Temporary Fire Alarm System

This range of equipment are split into 3 product groups starting with the entry level sitemaster range which are battery powered units which can be connected together with cables to form a much larger system.  When the system is linked together it is designed to activate all the sitemaster units at the same time.  This will relay the alarm signal around the site to give warning that an evacuation should begin.

Evacuator Tough Guard Temporary Fire Alarm System

The Tough Guard range of temporary fire alarm systems are an ideal system for use on building site.  These devices are battery powered, but they do not require linking together with cables as the sitemaster system does.  This is because they communicate with each other wirelessly.  This makes them extremely quick and easy to install, and ideal for multiple use as they can be transported easily from site to site as required.  The Toough Guard is housed in a robust enclosure which is IP rated and suitable for external use.  The robust enclosure is ideal for building sites as it is capable of with standing impacts from day to day activities on a building site.

Evacuator Defender Temporary Fire Alarm System

Link the Tough Guard, the Defender is a battery powered temporary fire alarm system which communicates wirelessly.  However whereas the Tough Guard is suitable for external use, the Defender is designed for interior use only.  It is still a robust unit designed to withstand a building site environment, however the enclosure is not rated to prevent water getting within it.

If you're interested in these products you may also be interested in our Wireless Fire Alarm Systems and HyFire Wireless Fire Alarms ranges.

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