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Apollo XP95 Smoke Detector 55000-600

Like the rating says this is a Fantastic detector, easy to install and no problem to get up and running with the system, very happy with this product and the price is very cheap for a quality product

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

The Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panels range from The Safety Centre includes panels from C-Tec, Advanced, Morley IAS, Kentec, Fike, Rafiki SMS and Gent.  The Fire Alarm Panels compliment a whole range of analogue addressable detectors also featured on The Safety Centre.  For more information on these Fire Alarm Panels call us NOW on 01200 428 410.

Fire Alarm Panels

Buy Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Equipment online from The Safety Centre

The Safety Centre supply Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System Panels from Advanced Electronics, C-Tec, Morley, SMS by Gent, Gent, Notifier, Rafiki, Haes, Kentec.

Advanced Electronics are an independent, forward-thinking company specialising in high quality, innovative control and indicating equipment for fire and safety system markets worldwide.

Advanced Electronics manufactures a wide-ranging choice of control and monitoring equipment for fire, smoke control, suppression and emergency lighting. The range of advanced electronics analogue addressable fire alarm panels in a variety of loop sizes will enable these systems to be used in a variety of building sizes, from the smallest office to the largest of buildings.

The Morley IAS range of Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels includes the Dimension and ZX series of control panels, boasting 1, 2, 4 and 5 loop versions. These panels are ideal for larger more complex buildings where more sophisticated more 'intelligent' fire alarm systems tend to be used. These systems offer benifits in speed of detection, identification of a fire and easier maintenance. These intelligent fire alarm systems offer tolerance to faults in the system wiring, which allows a single pair of wires to be used to connect a large number of devices to the system, allowing cost savings in the wiring of large systems. In larger installations, the benifits of improved maintenance and reduced cabling costs are overwhelming. Currently the point at which an intelligent system becomes more economical in the UK is around 6 Zones.

If you're interested in our Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panels you may also be interested in our Fire Extinguishers and Safety Signs.

Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa